Saturday, April 07, 2007


In contrast to my friends who went there, LSU folks have some pretty smart ideas.

Check this out: floating houses...(PDF)

Sure. Why not? It seems that another flood is imminent...


Brian Bordelon said...

LSU Engineering has been ahead of the game for years. It was putting the plans and funding in the hands of New Orleanian politicians (Levee Board) that resulted in the failure during Katrina.

I remember during Andrew cleaning out dorm rooms to help Tulane and UNO and other NO students have housing for the impending hurricane. I also remember spending lots of time cleaning up the mess from those ingrates. LSU has always been there to bail out NO. Tulane, UNO, Xavier, others, cannot say the same thing.

LatinTeacher said...

I disagree with you. Tulane does a lot for New Orleans. The unfortunate thing about private schools is that their alumni tend to come from outside their geographic area and don't stay in an non-growing economic market. Also, they don't have any pride in the place they are living because they are not invested in it emotionally or financially.
The university, however, is the largest private employer in the city of New Orleans. In addition, they do lots of work for the poor and indigent (Tulane Law Clinic) and while they may not be the best ER doctors in the world, they do/did donate their time to work at Charity Hospital.
I am sorry that you had a shitty experience a few of them. I don't base my opinion of LSU on knowing you and Kevin. That's not fair to the nice people who went (and go) there.