Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Va. Tech

What happened in Blacksburg is horrifying. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire community there as they try to heal. As a teacher on an open campus, the thought that a tragedy of this sort could occur is frightening. We have a plan in place because our campus is so open. While I don't think any of the students at my school are capable of this sort of thing, it's not necessarily them I am worried about. The shootings at Virginia Tech may have repercussions across our country. What price can you put on the safety of our children?


Michael Homan said...

I also thought about my campus. I want it to be open, and to be part of the community.

Brian Bordelon said...

There is no safety from a maniac like this in an open community, other than to be paranoid about each person you encounter. None of us want to live like that.

I cannot imagine what the EMT's and Paramedics had to go through on that scene. I never worked a shooting that had more than 6 victims alive. Those guys got a real eye-opening training session quickly.

Hope all is good with you S. Keep your head up and watch your back. This kind of shit always happens in 3's.