Thursday, April 12, 2007

Burning Questions

1) I know WDSU has a nightly program about the recovery efforts. How often is Nagin on? Why is that? Why doesn't WWL or WGNO go ahead and schedule him to be on WEEKLY.
2) Is it bad that I hear more about the recovery effort in New Orleans from a guy in Australia than the Mayor? Though Blakely may come across as abrasive, he is honest and forward-thinking. He sees the pitfalls, but he wants to fix what's broken. And he's talking about it. We need a leader who will tell it like it is and get something done.
3) Can another channel (WYES, WLAE) have Blakely (or the hands-off Powell) account for what he is doing? Jesus, when I lived in NJ after 9/11 it seemed like Giuliani was on TV 24/7.
4) I have read and listened to a few views on the proposed stores in Mid-City. New Orleans is provincial. Not that that's bad (I still come home and only want to spend money in New Orleans.) But it seems foolish for people to continue to line the pockets of the neighboring parish with tax dollars. The money that people spend in Jefferson Parish stores helps the economy in general, but not specifically Orleans. It would be great to have some big stores in New Orleans (how many times did I have to drive out to CompUSA on vets for computer stuff?). The Mid-City location seems like the perfect area. All we need is some rules for what the stores look like (hire some local architects?) to design New Orleans style store fronts. Even the commercial floor at American Can Co. has a New Orleans feel to it. Can't we use that kind of model?
5) Does anyone care about the Hornets? Can't we just let them move to Oklahoma City and focus on the Zephyrs and Saints?
6) Sometimes I like Chris Rose, and sometimes I think he's a putz. But I always like Angus Lind. Is that because he hangs out at Bruno's?
7) Why did my wife buy another dog? Will she (my dog, not my wife) ever be housetrained? If you have to clean up three piles of poo, two pees, and one dog vomits on the other, is that a trifecta? What do you win?
8) Why do my neighbors in our garage band insist on playing speed metal when all I want to do is get down with the funk? I am trying to lay down some Galactic riffs which one guy somehow turns into a screaming solo and the guy stomps with anger on his double bass drum pedal.
9) Suppose I quit my job. What job/career should I pursue now?

If you can answer any one of these, please, do. I need all the help I can get now that I live in a zoo.

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