Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How to make a profit without caring

The Sun-Herald has this story about a couple in Slidell. Their Allstate insurance wanted to defray some of the costs to NFIP. Is this why there were record profits for insurance companies in 2005 and 2006?

An engineer who testified Tuesday at the trial for a Louisiana couple's lawsuit against Allstate Insurance Co. said he wrote a report on the plaintiffs' storm-damaged home without inspecting the property after Hurricane Katrina.

Allstate refused to pay for much of the damage to the Slidell home of Robert and Merryl Weiss after the company's engineering consultant, Craig Rogers, concluded that Katrina's storm surge was responsible for most of it.


Also on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Sarah Vance issued a subpoena for Mung Hatter, a woman who worked for Allstate, to testify about a report that the company submitted as part of the Weisses' claim with the National Flood Insurance Program.

The Weisses' attorneys accuse Allstate of misrepresenting the couple's flood insurance claim so that the federal government would pay for a greater share of the damage to their waterfront home.

Sounds like someone's getting caught with their pants down.

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Brian Bordelon said...

Did we expect anything else? Bastards all.