Monday, April 16, 2007

Sisters don't forget

Two sisters in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area seem to understand the plight of New Orleans. Thank goodness they are dedicated to community service and are not self serving or self-absorbed teens.
"I thought it was a year later and things would be looking up," said Hannah Nemer, a 14-year-old freshman at Henry Sibley High School. "But it hasn't changed enough."
The sisters turned their lessons from New Orleans into a campaign to raise awareness of the ongoing struggles and send money to help Katrina victims. They organized a benefit set for Saturday with the help of other young people, artists and community members across the metro area.

In one conversation, a voodoo shop owner talked about how she felt "the rest of America forgot about us" and "this isn't how it should be," said Molly Nemer, who added the woman lost her home to floods, moved in with her son and had nothing but her savings.

Not everyone wanted to help.

When the sisters called a local radio station to request a public service announcement, they were told, "It's not a hot issue anymore," Hannah Nemer said.


"The people of New Orleans are very hopeful, but they need help," she said. "It's great that people are going to realize that."

Hannah Nemer adds: "You can't go there and not want to help others."

They are raising money for ArtDocs. They are turning their frustration and disappointment after a visit into action. Read the whole story yourself.

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