Sunday, April 26, 2009

How many do overs do you get?

The day is finally here.  Easton, PA, Class of 1993 is playing Philipsburg, NJ Class of 1993 today at Lafayette College's Fisher Field.  The game ended in a tie on Thanksgiving morning in 1992, and these men are strapping on their helmets for one more chance at glory.  (My neighbor is playing TE for P'burg!)  I was hoping the game would be on ESPN, but it doesn't appear to be.  Gatorade is the sponsor so Peyton and Eli Manning will be here as honorary coaches.  The game is at 3 PM, and Easton is shutting down streets to host a block party. 

Here are episode 2 and 3 of the Replay Videos.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

If I were there - Part 2 - Choices

Looks like a great JazzFest day to me.  If I were going to stay in one spot, I would head over to the Gentilly Stage for the day - Joe Krown, Walter "Wolfman" Washington, and Russel Batiste, Jr. followed by Big Sam's Funky Nation and then Ivan Neville and Dumpstaphunk.  Then an afternoon with Galactic before Wilco.  Not a bad day.  In the past I may have moved on over to Acura to see James Taylor, but last time he was at the fest it was a little slow for me.

Depending on who I was with, we may want to move around and the agenda would be different - Imagination Movers on the Acura Stage, then into the paddock for Paul Sanchez and Ingrid Lucia on the Laginappe Stage, maybe even skipping Ingrid Lucia for Congo Square and the Rebirth Brass Band.  Then a quick zip over to the Blues Tent for John Mooney and Bluesiana.  I might end the day a little early or try and catch Erykah Badu at Congo Square or Don Vappie in the Jazz and Heritage Tent (especially after I saw his special). 

What would you go see?

Home Paul Sanchez & the Rolling Road Show

Friday, April 24, 2009

In search of a JazzFest Buddy.

Now that my friend Brian can no longer join me at JazzFest, I am in search of a buddy to go with me on Friday.  I have gone alone before, and I am sure that I will go alone again.  But it sure would be nice to know someone who was definitely going to be there on May 1.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

JazzFest Picks for Friday - 4/24

I think I would plant myself in front of the Acura stage to see Mem Shannon, David Egan, and Marc Broussard. 3:45 move to see Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave at the Gentilly Stage).  And then scoot over to see Tab Benoit at the Blues Stage at 5:45.  I would love to catch the New Orleans Night Crawlers and Chris Smither, but you can't do it all.  And Congo Square has Wynton Marsalis at 4:40.  It's a big opening day. 

Here is a great song to put me in the mood for festing.  See you next weekend, New Orleans.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To the Local School Board

If you are interested in how people can ruin the revitalization of a community, you should check this out.

I am writing this letter to Mr. Mahl, the School Director.

Mr. Mahl, sir, I do not understand why you are taking this stubborn approach to the improving Easton.  Do you really think that people would clamor to leave their homes to live tax free?  This is a short-sighted point of view, and, quite frankly, obstructionist. 

Here's where it falls apart for me - if someone lives in downtown Easton in a rehabilitated property, he or she likely has worked to improve the value of that property, thereby increasing its taxable value.  If someone has done that and chooses to move to a tax-free place to improve a second part of Easton and increase it's taxable value (maybe in a few years) why should they be punished. 

Mr. Mahl, if you really want to increase the tax base of Easton, you should work on lowering the 1.75% city tax.  No one will move here when they can move to Forks or Palmer and pay 1%.  You should want everyone that is interested to move to Easton.  Thanks to narrow thinking like this, I, personally, am thinking about moving out.  You can get tax money from someone else.

Monday, April 13, 2009

This is a problem.

Conversation has turned here to moving to New Orleans.  And I am a teacher (of Latin, in general, and history).  I thought to myself that perhaps there is an opportunity to work in New Orleans public schools.  I looked.  And here is what I found.  I guess there is not a need for teachers in NOLA.  Who knew?  Is this the best that one can do?  Am I even looking in the correct place?  Is this what tax money goes to?

So the search continues - on to the RSD LA website.  Does anyone know any schools that teach Latin?