Monday, April 13, 2009

This is a problem.

Conversation has turned here to moving to New Orleans.  And I am a teacher (of Latin, in general, and history).  I thought to myself that perhaps there is an opportunity to work in New Orleans public schools.  I looked.  And here is what I found.  I guess there is not a need for teachers in NOLA.  Who knew?  Is this the best that one can do?  Am I even looking in the correct place?  Is this what tax money goes to?

So the search continues - on to the RSD LA website.  Does anyone know any schools that teach Latin?


Anonymous said...


there was something on st. tammany parish

also, i have heard not so good things about the RSD. Try the East Bank Collaborative. These are all charter schools that are NOT failing and are in Orleans parish.

Some of the private schools are still teaching it.
There are also some job fairs posted on both sites.
Hope this helps.

LatinTeacher said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I am looking into it.