Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To the Local School Board

If you are interested in how people can ruin the revitalization of a community, you should check this out.

I am writing this letter to Mr. Mahl, the School Director.

Mr. Mahl, sir, I do not understand why you are taking this stubborn approach to the improving Easton.  Do you really think that people would clamor to leave their homes to live tax free?  This is a short-sighted point of view, and, quite frankly, obstructionist. 

Here's where it falls apart for me - if someone lives in downtown Easton in a rehabilitated property, he or she likely has worked to improve the value of that property, thereby increasing its taxable value.  If someone has done that and chooses to move to a tax-free place to improve a second part of Easton and increase it's taxable value (maybe in a few years) why should they be punished. 

Mr. Mahl, if you really want to increase the tax base of Easton, you should work on lowering the 1.75% city tax.  No one will move here when they can move to Forks or Palmer and pay 1%.  You should want everyone that is interested to move to Easton.  Thanks to narrow thinking like this, I, personally, am thinking about moving out.  You can get tax money from someone else.

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