Thursday, April 26, 2007

JazzFest Musings

The second weekend of JazzFest is when I plan on coming in. With my tennis schedule, Sappho's work schedule, and what to do with the dogs, it just worked out that way.
I am disappointed, though. I know that I can always find something incredible to listen to. After all, it's JazzFest. But the price of the event is making me a little sick to my stomach. I remember when tickets were $18 in advance and beer was $2. I couldn't believe the outrage I felt the year that they raised beer prices. And last year's tickets were $30 and I would say that the music at last year's fest surpassed my expectations.

For me, the names on the marquee this year just aren't up to snuff. I would rather pay less money for more important local and Louisiana names.

I know that people need to have a draw. But I also like the music to reflect something of New Orleans. What does Brad Paisley bring? Rod Stewart? John Mayer? For love of God, New Edition? Seriously. (On the other hand, if someone knows why these people are at JazzFest, I would appreciate the info.)

Other things are a matter of taste - I probably won't go see Lucinda Williams though my wife would love it. George Benson is ok, but not really my style any more. As much as it pains me to say this, I like Steely Dan. But I am not going to spend my time at JazzFest listening to them (Not when I can here Bamboula 2000 and the Soul Rebels).

Who scheduled Cowboy Mouth at the same time as Galactic? How is that going to work out for me - the wife loves the Cowboy Mouth, I love Galactic.

And there are some notable absences: The Neville Brothers (I know, Aaron and his asthma), the Meters (in any of their combinations, funky or otherwise - though there may be a surprise along the way), and the Klezmer All-Stars (unless they broke up).

So here is what I have tentatively planned for my Kermit the Frog Totem Krewe (as seen with Ernie in 2005): All of this is subject to change based on a) the wife, b) the weather c) nothing d) drunkeness e) lack of motivation f) wandering into something interesting g) whim.

Benjy Davis Project
Johnny Sketch
Stooges Brass Band
Dirty Dozen
John Boutte'
Walter "Wolfman" Washington

Rotary Downs or the Jazz Vipers
Zigaboo's Funk Revuew
Cowboy Mouth or Galactic
The Allman Brothers (sliding to Deacon John or the Iguanas or Joe Krown)

Papa Grows Funk
Anders Osborne
Eric Lindell (Maybe)
Bamboula 2000
Soul Rebels
Wild Magnolia or Benny Grunch (my cousin is in the Bunch) or Taj Mahal

What are you going to see?

How you gonna clap?

More importantly, where are you going to go? (Warning: Potty theme)


Mr. N said...

Man, late Saturday will be tough. Deacon John, Allmans, Joe Krown and the Iguanas all at the same time. Wow.

Brian Bordelon said...

$45 to see many a great act. Not a steep price at all considering the Frisco event this weekend is like $85/day. Plus I got you advanced tickets, $30 each. STOP BITCHING AND GET DOWN HERE!!!!!!!!

Maybe Fema should pick up the tab for half my tickets.

Fred LeBlanc said...

You pussy!!! Galactic?! Come see a real band.