Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Flooding in NJ

Evacuations taking place as the water rises. It seems that the Raritan River has crested and is currently returning to more "normal levels."

The Raritan River has overflowed its banks with the second highest water level since Hurricane Floyd in 1999. A house caught fire in Bound Brook, NJ, but the flood hampered efforts to extinguish the flames.
From nj.com

This is the town just up river from my school.

I do not know if our campus has flooded since we have had school off for two days because of the swollen rivers and streams and flooded underpasses and roads. This is by far the worst flooding I have seen up here. Of course, this was because of 4-6 inches of rain. I wonder what happens if it rains more than 10 inches like it does in New Orleans (May 8, 1995).

UPDATE: According to word around here (I am not doubting, I just don't have specifics), some agency (ACoE, State of New Jersey?) had promised to alleviate the flooding somehow or another in poor Bound Brook. Unfortunately, they ran out of money without telling anyone. Hence, more flooding.


Puddinhead said...

Are they going to continue to allow people to live in those flood-prone areas up there?


LatinTeacher said...

LOL. Poor Bound Brook. They get hit all the time. Must have a lot of strippers, drinkers, gamblers, and hedonists and God hates those types as we know from New Orleans.

Brian Bordelon said...

How'd FEMA do? Give you some life rafts?

oyster said...

LT, are you a flood magnet?

LatinTeacher said...

I think I have written about this phenomenon before. Maybe it's time for another post. I believe that I am like the Rain God character from Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. Except with flooding.