Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The recent news of global warming doesn't concern me. I didn't read the stories, I read the headlines and taglines and I get concerned. We are being told that we can rebuild. But we are not being told how high, or what the floodplain is. We are being told that the levees will be at the strength that they were when they failed during Katrina and destroyed our city. This is not assurance. It starts to seem like New Orleans is destined to go through this again. To compound matters, insurance companies are raising rates to what must be unaffordable for some. So, in essence, citizens and residents of New Orleans will not be able to return no matter what is said.
This is one of those situations which makes me insane. You can do whatever you want, but you can't do what you want. The illusion is that you have some power. The reality is that you have no power. And it all comes from the same source. FEMA delays the floodplain maps. By this act, FEMA forces insurance companies to raise rates. And FEMA delays the return of citizens because of this, but then it doesn't supply the necessary trailers or housing because the area is in a floodplain (which has not been mapped).
Stop it. If you don't want people to rebuild in New Orleans, tell them. People want to go home. Don't cut down their hope. Many people have already lost everything else.

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