Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another loss

I drove through the French Quarter last week, and I couldn't believe my eyes. O'Flaherty's seemed closed. Does anyone have more information on this tragedy? I have spent many a night and day in that wonderful cave of a place. I was there the year the streets in the Quarter caught fire, I was there after my 10 year high school reunion reconnecting with friends, I was there for pub quiz for so long, and we went there after our rehearsal dinner because it was my favorite place in the quarter. It can't be gone, can it?

UPDATE: I called WWOZ during the Celtic music show and the DJ said that the building sustained a lot of damage and insurance wasn't enough to cover the repairs so Danny moved to Texas. I can't imagine that that was the only reason. It's a member of your family moving away.
UPDATE: Kate wants me to say that "we" is me and her and our friends and family. Not some other "we."


Beck said...

Yes, O'Flaherty's is closed. According to the interview with Danny O'Flaherty in the Lake Charles American Press a week or so ago, it will not reopen. (I'd link to it, but the American Press's archives are subscription only.)

O'Flaherty has relocated to Lake Charles, LA and is planning to open a Celtic heritage center in town. He mentioned that he is considering the possiblity of reopening "O'Flaherty's" in Lake Charles, but if he did, he would have someone else run it.

Sad, but true.

Beck said...

Actually, he moved to Lake Charles. The Lake Charles American Press ran a story on him a week or so ago (their archives are subscription only, so I can't point you to it.) He will be opening his planned Celtic Nations Heritage Foundation World Center here.

He did say that he would not be reopening O'Flaherty's in New Orleans, though he apparently is being approached about relocating it to Lake Charles. He stated that if he did, it would have to be run by someone else, as he would be too busy with the Center to do so. In my opinion, he didn't really sound like it was something he was actually was probably more wishful thinking on the part of the interviewer. I hope.