Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Myssedit Krewe of FEMA

From the Gambit Weekly: I think this says it all.

Midnight on Mardi Gras is supposed to signal the end of Carnival. But this year
the upstart "Myssedit Krewe of FEMA" took to the streets of the French Quarter
on Ash Wednesday. A day late and a dollar short from start to finish, the
understaffed krewe had only five members in its inaugural run. French Quarter
residents, visitors and merchants seemed surprised -- and a tad confused -- to
see FEMA's Mardi Gras celebration on Wednesday morning. But krewe members
assured them of the parade's intent. "Happy Fat Wednesday!" members declared.
"FEMA to the rescue! FEMA delivers a parade, just when New Orleans needs it
most!" FEMA beads were not immediately available, of course, but in their place
krewe members distributed Bead Request Forms that explained the procedure for
receiving beads. The parade was so successful that the krewe has already begun
planning its New Year's celebration, tentatively scheduled for Jan. 2, 2007.

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