Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Link above thanks to Ashley.

Besides the fact that my mac here doesn't let me link because there is some screwup with Java or something and our tech here at school can't fix it, I still find something that makes me want to post from time to time so I do it with every intention of going home to actually fix the post. I frequently forget with my hour commute to do so, or I just don't have the energy or wherewithal to do it. So here is what I have to say about this.

The Red Cross is a bureaucracy. Bureaucracies eat money and now apparently emergency food supplies. For some reason I get the sense from this story that they purposely have messed things up so that it appears that the people in New Orleans are wasteful or thankless or ungrateful or some other not positive abstract quality. Does anyone else get that vibe?

Look, the Red Cross has the overhead and the first responders (in their brand new uniforms, I have a picture on my cell phone from October with a nice midwestern couple [I imagine] window shopping on Bourbon St. - let's spend some money on that!!!) get to the scene fast and stay a long time. I get it. With size comes accountability. You gotta keep track of what you are using and you can't be wasting supplies.

I know people in southeastern Louisiana need meals still. I know people need trailers and power and water and whatever else makes a life livable. So fire, as you have, the idiots who are using up valuable supplies. And stay there with the right people with the right priorities.

Speaking of priorities, katrenema had a link to something about cameras being installed all over the city. How can they work without power?

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