Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cowboy Mouth

Yesterday I watched the Ellen Show. Ellen interviewed the woman who started the Katrina Krewe (I think I will get involved with that when I am in town), and she gave a woman who had just opened a grocery in the 9th ward in June her own Quizno's somewhere in town. She also had Dennis Quaid (who looks a lot like Fred Leblanc to me or is it the other way around) and Cowboy Mouth on.

They played a song called "The Avenue" off their new album/CD entitled Voodoo Shoppe. Good song. Made me tear up. I have been listening to the song called "Home" and I really have felt its pull. As the chorus says, "I wanna go home whatever it takes, I wanna go home when the levee breaks, I wanna go home where the streets have holes, I wanna go home where the good times roll."

Thanks Guys and Girl. See you at JazzFest.

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dillyberto said...

I really tripped back. These pics look like a place I know on Pleasant Street the day after and a place on Dublin Street the week BEFORE!

See you soon!