Friday, February 06, 2009

Why I Am Not Going, Part II

If I make it to New Orleans for the JazzFest, I will only pay to go so I can sprinkle my best friend's ashes there.   I will do other things the rest of the time and go out at night.  At least at night the money will go to the local clubs, local bars, and local musicians (or at least musicians who claim to be influenced by New Orleans music and culture).  Jon Bon Jovi makes about as much sense on the JazzFest schedule as Rick Springfield or Tommy Tutone. 

It seems that the goal is to get people to shell out 50 bucks for a ticket rather than give people an authentic New Orleans experience.  I don't know what the mission statement of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation is, but I am nearly certain it does not say anything about middle-aged 80s rock stars from New Jersey. 

JazzFest was one of the few events where the impact and vitality of locally grown music was center stage.  And the festival did this by making local bands, foods, and culture the most important aspect of the festival.  Now sponsors and aging pop stars are the center.  To me, this is making a mockery of the intent of the JazzFest.  For people like me who love New Orleans in all its forms,  I think this is a slap in the face.   JazzFest was all of the best of New Orleans in one place.  Now it's a showcase for overpriced corporate swill, rich corporately connected people, and sponsors. 

The JazzFest was built on the backs of the people it is now pushing out so that it can "showcase a music legend."  Give me a break.

If I do go, I will be the first in the gate to see the New Orleans connected bands and leave before I get pissed at the number of people that think Bon Jovi is a "rock god."

And when did New Orleans become a destination to see Bon Jovi? 

Question:  Why doesn't he play at the New Jersey Heritage Festival? 

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Anonymous said...

Jazzfest has always has big names to play that never seemed (to me anyways) to have a connection to new orleans...jimmy buffet and james taylor spring to mind. But regardless, i am actually looking forward to the line up, Bon Jovi excluded, i never got him! But Dave Matthews should be great!