Monday, February 09, 2009

Random Observations

We have two dogs - Jack, a mutt, and Millie, a Westie.  Here are some of the things I have noticed about my dogs and some other things.

  1. Dogs love blue painters tape.
  2. George's favorite song is Kool and the Gang - "That's the way I like It"
  3. Shrimp boots don't work as well on ice as I thought they might.
  4. Friends who can paint cannot be underestimated or appreciated enough.
  5. Dogs can find blue painters tape anywhere.
  6. Babies don't have fingernails - because they have razor sharp talons from hell.
  7. Where on earth can you find AG13 batteries?  And what are the odds that they will come in pack of three?
  8. I am very bad at cleaning a house.  Unfortunately, the firm I work for doesn't fire it's employees; it simply retrains them.
  9. Blue painters tape causes nausea if consumed.
  10. Brown rice tastes much better if you cook it with chicken broth and a little chopped up onion.
  11. Kindergartners can feign interest in a Latin teacher with the best of them.  I taught them how to make abacus plural today.
  12. Painting the woodwork and trim in an old house that has as much as ours does is time consuming and takes a steady and patient hand.  Which I do not have.
  13. I am glad my wife is home from her week long trip.  Only two more of those to go.
  14. Three weeks in New Orleans over the summer sounds perfect to me.
  15. I think I like our new President.
  16. Blue painters tape does not digest very well.

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