Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"Louisiana isn't the only place with shrimp"

Mr. Prescott,

You have made my life simpler.  Thank you. 
Louisiana isn't the only place that has shrimp, that's for sure!  But it
is where I grew up and where most of my family is.  None are shrimpers
or oystermen or even work on the rigs out in the Gulf of Mexico.  So
this little spill of yours doesn't directly affect my family.  But you
and your irresponsible company have ruined countless miles of our
valuable coast.  You see, the wetlands that the oil is invading and
destroying protect the rest of my state from hurricanes.  I was there
for Katrina.  The oil and gas industry that we have welcomed to our
coast is raping Louisiana of natural resources and natural protection. 
Your oil spill is just the latest in long line of travesties committed
against my home state.  To compound the feeling of ill will, you chose
to make a poor decision in saying that Louisiana isn't the only state
with shrimp.  This is true.  Other states have shrimp and access to
shrimp.  But the money made in Louisiana by Louisiana fishermen and
Louisiana restaurants should stay in Louisiana.  Before this, we did not
have to get shrimp from other places.  Now we do.  Thank you.

But definitely don't need to buy any products from BP.  And I am
committed to sharing that feeling with any others that may ask.  In
fact, there is a BP just down the road from me.  I plan on spending a
few hours each week there holding a sign with a dead pelican on it, a
burning oil rig, and the words "Can you afford this?"  on it.  Be
responsible, do all you can to fix your mistake, and watch your words

Thank you again for giving me a new job to do in the coming weeks.  I
wasn't sure what I was going to do with my summer.


Latin Teacher