Sunday, June 15, 2008

I found an even worse one

This "person" qualifies for my dick of the week.

please tear him/her a new asshole.

I, for one, am offended that this person used a mythological name.

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Age said...

What i find amusing is how people really *get* how screwed up louisiana politics is, but leave nout all of the supplimental support they get. William Jefferson D-LA for example, Nagin getting re-elected because the ACLU along with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton insisted on bussing residents back from Houston and Atlanta to vote, but the people that were HERE in the suburbs rebuilding couldn't vote for the welfare of the city. The whole thing was a massive clusterfuck and i hope that when the "big one" really does hit, they can handle it with more decorum than katrina. It still sucks that all the big oak trees are looks so barren and makes me sad.

Some people are just idiots!