Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Crawfish Fest 08

Somehow, a Baton Rouge and Louisiana ex-pat* Michael Arnone has been having a festival of all things crawfish and Louisiana at the end of May for the last 15+ years. And it's called Crawfish fest. To me there is something odd about eating crawfish with a view of mountains. But the musical acts were incredible on Saturday (Tab Benoit, The Funky Meters) and just pretty darn good on Sunday (Allen Toussaint, Bonerama). We were unable to take George this year, but we have big plans for him next year.

*should there be a better name for someone from Louisiana than ex-pat? Ex-Pelican? Ex-nolanian? I would never relinquish my allegiance, fwiw.


Michael Homan said...

I've been thinking about eating crawfish and seeing mountains. It just doesn't make sense. Amazing music though.

Anonymous said...

Just pretend they're big levees.