Friday, June 06, 2008

Dicks of the day

Two options to choose from.

John McCain voted twice against a commission to investigate the flooding and federal response to Katrina. To Senator McCain I say: Senator, what the hell is wrong with you? Did you not see how botched the whole response the the federal flood was? Shouldn't someone investigate why it was so messed up? What is wrong with you?

I also read on Salon (by Paul Alexander) that Karl Rove intentionally tried to remove any blame on the federal response from the President. To that I say: Karl Rove, you are a dick. I hope you are convicted of something, anything and are forced to go down a slide of razor blades into a pool filled with rubbing alcohol and hungry alligators. (hat tip to Jeffery)

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Me said...

And of course Nagin and Blanco bear no blame at all, especially since they were the ones elected to actually manage New Orleans and Louisiana.

Oh that's right...they're Democrats. Mustn't forget that the whole purpose of holding onto the Katrina anger is to continue to bash Republicans, right?