Sunday, April 20, 2008

Unanswered Questions

Is it fair to judge a country on its national newspaper? I remember in high school, there was one kid who always got the Russian newspaper. The paper made the Russians look like they had dominance over the USA in missiles, tanks, etc. So do we judge France on Le Monde, Russia on Pravda, and us on USAToday? Is that fair? Is Le Monde written so fifth graders can understand it, too?

Why, when you bathe and shampoo a dog, does it still smell like a dog? Is this battle winnable?

What's the point of decaffeinated coffee?

If you surround yourself with rich, elite snobs who don't care that the country is going down the toilet, would you notice - a) that the people around you are assholes or b) that the country is going to shit because of the policies you let these people convince you are good?

Are elections the way we have them now really democratic?

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dillyberto said...

There must be some sort of status quo developing in the Latinteachah household, we must believe.

George is doing okay?

Mommy is stable?