Sunday, April 27, 2008

JazzFest Day 2

Well, it definitely felt better than day 1. I at least saw some people I knew.

I was disappointed that Dirty Coast wasn't opened until 12 (at least that's what the sign said) and didn't have a table or something set up outside the JazzFest. That would have been great.

That said, highlights and such.

Good - crawfish strudel (sp?) and Dr. John, Jon Cleary, Imagination Movers, Paul Sanchez, NewBirth, (that Jazz and Heritage Stage rocks)
Bad - weather and no Abita Amber in the paddock

Story of note - I saw an old student who simply mentioned - "You look old."


Age said...

I am glad that you had a good time! I don't think you look old...just have less hair :-)
Of course, she probably doesn't look like she is 12 anymore either.

Have a safe trip back home.

Michael Homan said...

Didn't know you were going to be in town or i would have said hey. The Imagination Movers ruined my day more than the rain. But Cowboy Mouth was great.

Erin said...

Thanks for bringing Kermit out to the Fairgrounds. And I tried to forget about the canned water we had around for months in late 2005!

Hope you and Kermit will be around for round 2 this weekend.