Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dear President Bush,

Welcome to New Orleans.

Welcome to New Orleans, murder capital of the country (and maybe the world).

Welcome to New Orleans, destroyed by neglect and corruption.

You flew over once. Have you driven through Lakeview or Gentilly or New Orleans East and rolled down your windows? Have you seen it with you own eyes? Have you smelled it? Have you touched a moldy mattress or torn out rotten sheetrock?

You made us a promise. Do you remember it? We do.

Now you meet with the leader of Canada and Mexico in our fair city to discuss how you have allowed our country to fall deeper.

I hope you have a great meal at a great restaurant on the backs of the poor you purposefully oppress. You can't kill spirit or will or culture. You can try, but we are too strong and proud and stubborn to fail.

Welcome to New Orleans. Will you please leave now? We have real problems to solve here.



Ben Smilowitz said...


I caught your blog in my GoogleAlert blog search for anything FEMA. I'd like to be in touch via email about the work I'm doing with Disaster Accountability issues... I think we've got some similar perspective.

My email is Ben (at) DisasterAccountability (dot) org.


Ben said...

More on the topic:

dillyberto said...

At Gallier Hall, no less, do they meet.

Maybe we could have Rex and Zulu handle the negotiations.

Tim said...

Last time the Current Occupant came to town he flew over the London Avenue Canal breach in his helicopter. I stepped outside of my FEMA Travel Trailer and waved.

I don't think he waved back...