Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The following words were gleaned from spam emails that I was sent a few years ago. Some of them just had a nice rhythm. Some were perverse and had to be amended. Nonetheless, here is a poem composed by spambots in December of 2004. Enjoy.

"Desolately Chocolate"

Legally Sepulcral
Hot mommy wants to see you
I’m looking for romance
Interpreter Tonnes
Superb Quality High Resolution Screens
natural method using pills
backwaters teasdale
no waiting in line
dinner banister
of methodical dink go zip rubicon
Palindrome Mommies
idiocy carribean
never seen movies
complimentary megapixel
point of no restriction
If write sun know. Below had part their up no long often life about. Know second house we know work several more.
Write way then sentence land paper why better. Any days no right.
natural enricher for guy part
wealth builder
desolately chocolate
exceedingly manliness
came out with tremendous conclusion
molasses canoe
mosaic adepts
superb quality
selector clubbed
Lag Houdini
Endive amputated
acceptance damnation
pediatric exhilirate
deathtrap Camus
Fabian secretarial
inclosure mundanely
streptomycin emulsifying
I love suffering for nothing
hate bad health
hefner momentousness
maims snug
forfeiture foreshortening
cheapens earring
paintbrushes withering
jolts Cyprian

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