Thursday, May 17, 2007

Local Highlights

Here in PA, things are a little different than in New Orleans.*

The pictures in my paper up here for the last week (a primary week in PA, mind you), have been Tuesday: Bethlehem is opening a slots casino at the site of Bethlehem steel and a rescue squad captain is charged with assault after trying to help revive a man. Wednesday: Election results, ex-mayor and current candidate hugs wife, the son of a local coroner posted pictures from his dad's work to a MySpace account. Thursday: A local police chief passed away last week from complications due to pancreatic cancer, voters rejected a income tax increase, and a rapist pleads "Guilty but ill." I think some people find live in an area like this just peachy. I find it less than fulfilling. I just don't get it.

And you should read the opinions page. Sheesh. Today's highlights: A man doesn't want police to learn Spanish, he wants the immigrants to learn English; blood needs increase in the summer (from the blood bank director); using gasoline powered vehicles is bad (duh); a thank you to a local school that ran a program on the bad decision to drink and drive; a big thank you to a local librarian. All of these are heartfelt, honest reactions to everyday life. Most are well written, and opinions help intelligent people focus on what's important. (In contrast, unintelligent people use opinions to display their ignorance.)

But life here is not full of all the adventures and excitement that is found in New Orleans in good times, and the trials and tribulations of rebuilding and the buffoonery of the local officials in this difficult times.

Maybe one day, New Orleans will be like this place. I sure hope not.

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