Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Are you serious?

I was watching FauxNews today. According to them, gas prices have soared 40% since the Democrats took Congress. I think I may need some more research to back this up, but how do the two things relate? I don't think they do.

How about this one: A fish blinks and a person in Kentucky cooks a chicken. How can you defend the eating of chicken based on these facts?

Um, because they aren't related?


Anonymous said...

Fish can't blink... they don't have eyelids (except for sharks).

I once heard...

A shark blinks after having been caught by a fisherman on a charter fishing trip. The fisherman, facinated by the blink points this out to the boat captain. Unfortunately for the fisherman, he points his finger a little too close to the shark's head and has it bitten clean off.

Later that day at the Marina, the boat's deck hand finds the finger in the shark's stomach while cleaning the fish. He calls his cousin Abraham in Louisville to tell him the story.

Abraham hears the story while frying fish for dinner and gets so grossed out by it that he decides to fry chicken instead.

A fish blinks and person in Kentucky cooks chicken.


LatinTeacher said...

How about this one - A man is driving a snow plow in Montana and a woman in Johannesburg has some ice cream which drips onto her shirt. It must be the Democrats in Congress.