Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Job Wanted

After 13 years of teaching middle school Latin, I have chosen to resign my position at my school. I do not have a job lined up, but I felt it was time to leave after my most successful year ever. Over the last seven years I have built up the program from only seven students to more than 30 this year. I have had a wonderful time, made some great friends, and achieved recognition for my hard work. The multi-cultural diversity of the student population is a great asset to the school, and the interaction of faculty with the students is amazing. All things considered, I am sad to be leaving such a place.

As the year winds down, I am beginning to look for a new job, a new career, a new challenge. With this in mind, this is what I am looking for (in no particular order):

a job helping to rebuild New Orleans (but not necessarily involved in education)
a job working with technology and computers
a job that will provide me an opportunity to grow mentally
a job with skills that can be transferred to other professions
a job close to where I live
a job that gives merit-based raises
a job that does not involve working in cubicles
a job that includes travel
a job with a company that is stable, well-established, and helps people improve themselves
a job with friendly people
a job with potential (monetary, professional, and otherwise)

I don't think I have a lot of demands, but if I could find something that incorporates all these I would be a really happy guy.

If anyone knows of something that fits the bill, please let me know.

Here's hoping.


Anonymous said...

Rebuild New Orleans... work with technology... no work in cubicles... includes travel... stable, well-established company...

How about Mayor of New Orleans.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you've seen this or not but it's an interesting time-line by Walter Williams


Cisium said...'s Cecille. I just found this and I'm really upset that I didn't before now because I would have wanted to say goodbye. Your class was the reason I came to this school. There are so many amazing memories and quotes from seventh and eighth grade, and you'll always be one of my favourite teachers ever. Now I wish I'd come back to the MS more this year. The school is suffering a great loss, but whoever/whatever gets you next is getting a great gain (sorry, wow, that sentence is awkward). We'll miss you a lot and I really hope things go well for you. E-mail me at Bona Fortuna.