Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Good News, Bad News, And Stuff

Easton had its first murder of the year this weekend. Compare New Orleans with 62+.
If I were to compare size of cities, New Orleans rate is tremendous. Easton has 26,000. New Orleans has somewhere between 200K and 250K. If I assume that New Orleans has 260k (just to help with round numbers), New Orleans should have 10 murders or Easton should have 6. No one around here would put up with 6 murders in 4 months. I don't think anyone in New Orleans should put up with 62 either.

Flooding in the Midwest is the worst in 14 years. The stats I heard for 1993 were pretty intense (50K homes flooded, 70K effected). Still that pales in comparison to New Orleans and the Federal Flood (500K effected, 150K homes destroyed). Are my numbers off here? And even though I am not sure they still think about how bad off New Orleans is right now, I am sure they could use our help. It's not how people treat you, it's how you treat people. I hope they are able to rebuild their lives quickly.

I didn't get the job I applied for at the local college. The wife keeps talking about moving to New Orleans. Now I am the one who is afraid. How can we pay for insurance? What if the levees don't hold again? Are there enough hospitals and doctors for us to raise a healthy family? There seem to be more questions than answers.

A want ad is coming soon.


Mr. N said...

Yes, but we need good people down here to help solve the problems. New Orleans will come back, come be a part of it.

Aaron said...

I can point you to a couple of insurance companies still writing homeowners. It'll be more than you're paying in the Garden State, but substantially cheaper than Citizens.

So far as doctors go, the New Orleans' med schools are having a bumper crop of residents this year with even more expected next year. My wife is among the crop, so I know they're quality!

Things aren't as bleak as some media outlets would have you think - it's hard maintaining a frown eating gelato at Angelo Brocato's.