Sunday, March 18, 2007


While Ray Nagin is not saying much in New Orleans about anything, he did take the time to address the National Newspaper Publisher's Association. According to the Houston Chronicle:

WASHINGTON — New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin has suggested that the slow recovery of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina — which has prevented many black former residents from returning — is part of a plan to change the racial makeup and political leadership of his and other cities.

What happened in New Orleans could happen anywhere," Nagin said at a dinner sponsored by the National Newspaper Publishers Association, a trade group for newspapers that target black readers. "They are studying this model of natural disasters, dispersing the community and changing the electoral process."

Nagin's remarks Thursday recalled the controversy stirred up by his prediction in a Martin Luther King Jr. Day speech in 2006 that, despite the evacuation of thousands of black people after Katrina, New Orleans would once again become a "chocolate city." He later apologized for the comment, which had infuriated many whites and blacks.

I can see how people could perceive this, but I don't know if I can believe this to be true. That seems like a lot of collusion from a lot of sources. And I still think that everyone that wants to come back should be able to come back.

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