Monday, March 05, 2007

In Your Own Backyard

Larry Holmes, at least from what I know, is the most famous citizen of Easton - even has a street named for him and a restaurant on the Delaware. From time to time, I watch local public access TV because it's funny and/or has local sports on. Larry Holmes has a show on weekly. He is not erudite or articulate, and he sounds a lot like Buddy D (bless his soul). This week's topic was the NBA All-Star game next year and the comments of Billy Hunter. Three of the people on the show thought that the game in New Orleans would be great. One, a "doctor", thought it would be bad - as though the NBA players and their entourage would be involved in local gang activity and shooting people because anything goes. Others on the panel thought it would be great to have the players do some house building and give the NBA a positive image. When the "doctor "said that the players would find trouble in New Orleans, the Champ said "You can find trouble in your own backyard if you are looking for it." Also, he suggested protesting the game if it were given to another city. Way to go, Champ. I am gonna go to his restaurant one of these days.

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