Friday, March 09, 2007

Princeton Students Get It

In an article from Princeton, several students who we went to New Orleans and did on the ground work are bringing it to the politicians:

The students' answer was to develop several proposals. One is a campaign called "Got Guts?" — a challenge to politicians to come to New Orleans and gut one house, to experience Katrina in an emotional and physical way.

The experience, Legendy said, will let policymakers "walk in the shoes not only of the people you're not helping enough, but the people who actually are trying to help." They've set up a website,, to promote their efforts.

Also, because the students had such a difficult time coordinating the logistics of their trip, they have added helpful links for prospective volunteers on their website.

The proposals are providing a way for the students to continue their service to New Orleans though they're back on campus.

"We need to do something to really institutionalize volunteering in New Orleans and really get it going," Whalen said, "and remind the nation that it's still an issue."

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