Monday, March 12, 2007

Not intended to offend

The city of New Orleans has reached 34 reported murders in 2007. After 17 there was a march. Where is the outrage now? Why aren't people marching again? How is this acceptable? It's the old bread and circuses. Keep them distracted so they don't see the problems or splinter them with so many crises and decisions that they can't join together to be mad. Let traffic lights remain broken so people call about that. Let the Endymion-goers line the street and let them complain about that. Let a lifetime politico put forth his son for his political office. Let the news about suing the ACoE be the headline. Anything but the murder rate. ENOUGH! Stop the killing, stop the silence. Mr. Nagin, Mr. Riley, Mr. Jordan - enough. If you can't do your jobs, step down and let someone who knows what they are doing take over.
Here's a plan:
Mr. Jordan - If 60 days isn't long enough, plan on having the work done in 30. Then you have 30 days to fix any mistakes. Don't tell your employees that they have 60 days and then have them screw up the reports on the last day at the last minute. That's dumb. That let's murderers out on the street. That's dumb, too. Figure out something to make the system work. We have a system - a slow, abused, bogged-down system. Make it work or fix it.
Mr. Nagin - Show your face. Tell us what you are doing. Do you what you are saying. And stop being holier-than-thou and raising money for the next office. You were elected to raise New Orleans in a time of crisis. You are failing. Miserably.
Mr. Riley - Report the crimes. People are afraid and you have the ability to reassure them. You don't. You have the power to make positive change in the community. Be a presence. Be a force. Be proactive. Just don't complain about it. It's your job, and you wanted it.


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