Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Drinking Game

Does anyone have rules to a drinking game involving the City Council proceedings, a mayor's press conference, or the WWL/WDSU news? Unfortunately, I can't get this info or these channels here, but I would love to drink to them when I am in town.

Some rules I would have:
1) Mayor says thank you - one drink/sip per person thanked
2) Mayor says "man" - one drink/sip
3) Mayor misspeaks - one sip
4) Mayor mentions "President" or "Governor" by name- one sip
5) Mayor takes question - free
6) Mayor takes question and then appears belligerent - one sip
7) Mayor answers actual question - finish your beer
8) President says "nucular" instead of "nuclear" - one sip (Whoops! How did that get in there?!)

Any takers? I would love to participate in this game. If you can send me a video...

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