Friday, January 27, 2006

Voodoo Dolls

Tom Benson, owner of the New Orleans Voodoo Arena Football team, announced in September that the Voodoo will not be playing in the 2006 season. That I understand. But the last announcement was made in September. What is going on with the New Orleans Arena? When will the Hornets return? What about the world famous New Orleans Brass ECHL Hockey team? Will any of these distractions and attractions return to New Orleans?

UPDATE: I just checked which has an article which suggests that, in fact, the New Orleans Arena will host the Hornets for a 3 game stint beginning March 8. The major concern for the team is the attendance which the NBA and commissioner Stern think can not be supported by the current population of New Orleans. Understandably. Now, to find out what will happen to the Voodoo and Brass.

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