Monday, January 30, 2006

Joe is the man

I think Joe Liebermann (D-Conn) is my hero.

I need to read more about his comments on the 800,000 pages of documents that have been handed over to the Senate (but not, apparently, including the documents that pertain to the presidential response because he refuses to release them) to investigate the governments response to Katrina. While they were certainly overwhelmed, their response was nothing short of inept. And so was everyone else's. I hope that Joe reads every freaking page. There are lots of new a-holes to be ripped, I bet. I would love to get my hands on that report...

Terrorists bombed the World Trade Center. How much the people in charge knew about what was going to happen or how much they could have done to stop it is moot. Hurricane Katrina was predicted and predictable and the levees that the metropolitan New Orleans area depends on were subpar, substandard and ineffective. It is this blogger's opinion that the feds knew that. To know that you have put a major metropolitan area at significant risk is unconscionable, especially when you claim that the protection is in place. To add insult to injury, the feds, after the expected failure of said protection, call off rescue missions, leave help sitting around, and come a week too late. Was this all Mike Brown? Were the effects of Katrina that devastating? Apparently not since help was available. How can help be available and then not used when you have people around the world staring at reporters, actors, and citizens on their tvs.

So my question at the this point is really how much of this is really going to make a difference to New Orleans now? Is the government going to admit its response was so pathetic and apathetic that everyone will be entitled to a new home or cars or job or life?

At the end of the article, Bill Frist said that the Senate is going to pledge well over $100 billion. Well, we haven't accounted for the $85 billion.

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