Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State Government does something right!

The headline says that the state intends to audit FEMA before paying money. After yesterday's story that the US LOST millions of dollars in Iraq, I say that this is a positive development. Unless it ends up that we owe more money. In that case, we can tell them we are sending the money but then leave it in the bank for a few days before sending back to the citizens of Louisiana in tax cuts since we can't identify any specific federal needs, the money hasn't been earmarked for a particular project, and things seem dangerous in Washington. Emails months later will reveal that we royally screwed up, but state officials will refuse to turn over documents relating to this case and since there is no accountability at any level of government, the issue will be dropped.

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Polimom said...

I love the audit idea! FEMA will hate it, of course - which makes it that much better.

I do see a smidge of risk to folks who received the $2K (and rent assistance) in the immediate aftermath, who didn't have damage and were able to return home. There was a fair amount of that $ paid out.

Should it be paid back? Would the state be looking for that type of thing, do you think? Or are they focused solely on $150K toilet seat-type over-charges?