Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Regionalism? In New Orleans?

This could be the first step in something great. The rest of the state of Louisiana views the metro area (and New Orleans in particular) as a drain on all the rest of the state. Part of that is because of widespread incompetence and corruption. The fact that so much state money flows to an ineffective judicial system, a redundant policing system, and rampant crime does not make for a nice picture (this on top of the complete and utter failure of the independent New Orleans School Board for the last 30+ years). I think people would be much more inclined to respect a place and support an historical and cultural outpost if the money that was sent there was used to improve the image of the state instead of lining the pockets of political hacks and cronies.
So we didn't get a regional levee board yet. At least someone seems to be getting it. We are stronger together than as individuals. This works in terms of parishes, too. If we could just get the school board to follow along...

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