Thursday, January 12, 2006

Letter to Congressman Dent

I wrote this letter to Congressman Dent, Senator Specter, and Senator Santorum today. Of course, the office is closed for "staff training" and then again on Monday for Martin Luther King, JR. Day. I hope he calls me before I head down to New Orleans next week.

Here is my letter:

Congressman Dent, Senator Santorum and Senator Specter,
While I understand that it is a long way from Pennsylvania, I am asking you to vote for any and all bills that help to rebuild New Orleans. Not only is New Orleans important to me (I was born, raised, and was able to convince my wife to marry me there this last summer), but it is also a vital area to the nation. Its port, its cultural importance, and its people are all crucial assets in the fabric of the United States. To lose this dynamic and vibrant and important city would be beyond words. I know that there are other issues - immigration, medicare, the war on terror - that need to be discussed and reviewed and decided upon. However, New Orleans is an issue that is beyond discussion and review. Americans of all colors, rich and poor, have lost their homes, livelihoods, hobbies, jobs, and friends. And America is in danger of losing an entire city.

I was there when the hurricane approached and evacuated with my mother. I returned in October to find that improvements and other promises have not been fulfilled. It is my understanding that these promises still have not been fulfilled. New Orleans needs levees. New Orleans needs financial assistance to rebuild infrastructure and schools and hospitals. New Orleans needs help in a bad way. I am asking for your help. Everyday that you wait is one day closer to the next hurricane.

I am always willing and able to talk about my hometown. I love it, and I can't believe that it is gone as I knew it. If you get a chance to see it, you should. For the most part, it has been devastated and defies description. Please help the people of this great country, of the great State of Louisiana, and of the great City of New Orleans forego the loss of a prized jewel.
Stephen Mitchell


Tim said...

Outstanding! You've got the right idea. The Louisiana delegation is already doing all it can to help our state. The task now is to convince all the other members of congress of the need and imperative to help. A letter from a constituent is the best way to do that. Thank you for writing to your reps, and thanks for blogging about New Orleans!

Cisium said...

That's a great letter, and I totally agree with it. They should really care about it and respond. Jerks. =/