Monday, July 07, 2008

Princess Sobsalot and Jungle Jim

I have a couple of ideas for children's books. I don't know where I come up with this stuff, but as I was feeding George this morning lightbulbs were popping all over the place.

The first book I had an idea for was about a princess who constantly cried. Her name is Princess Sobsalot. She is loosely based on a girl I know. The idea would be to have her go on adventure - to the park, to the mall, meet a boy, go to a ball, etc. - and learn a lesson about being nice to other people. These lessons would teach her that sobbing and being pushy didn't make her happy, but that interacting kindly and gently with others did. I have written, I think, the first installment already.

The second idea is definitely less well thought out. It is just an idea because it sounds funny to me. This would be a series of short books using the character Jungle Jim to introduce children to outside activities and animals. OK, so maybe I just want to have one book called "George and Jungle Jim." Like I said, this is not well thought out just yet.

I think these ideas need some work, but I also think they have some potential. And if a miracle happens and I get these ideas published, I may get that $1000 the real Princess Sobsalot owes me.


Age said...

thats awesome. I have written and gotten a copyright on a children's book about Sydney the Seasick Duck. Its cute.. came up with it eating at the Houston's in Orlando in 2006. Haven't done anything with it yet though. Don't really know what to do with it.

I am also working on one about how to get engaged...haven't really gotten that one too far along though. Maybe i need to get back to that one. Given my line of work, i have lots of stories about how NOT to do it. :-)

Anonymous said...

HA! You crack me up with that last sentence about the $1000... We could use that $$$$. :) I'll hire a babysitter and you can write this story.