Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Though it was a bit of a sham, it is still amazing that the great thinkers of the late 1700s were able to make a compelling argument for our little country to be a separate entity. And then move the masses to back up their plan, and through a little grittiness and luck, pull it off. Today we celebrate that movement and this little experiment we call the United States of America. For my part, I am going to see a buddy in New Jersey, swim in his pool, drink a few too many beers, and eat high fat content foods. I have the freedom to make those choices.

Also, I deserve it because I ran 4 miles this morning. Happy and Safe 4th of July!

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Kater said...

It is a little crazy... I was just looking at Baby George's onesie that has a big USA on it... No other country has a name like The UNITED STATES of America... 13 little states had to come together when communication meant hand-written letters and horseback and figure out how to Unite. It makes me want to rewatch all the John Adam episodes we "TIVOed" today.