Tuesday, July 29, 2008

9 Days

until I get to see the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS on ESPN. I think that with the small improvements that were made on defense (Vilma) the Saints will improve this season. I don't think Tampa Bay has made significant improvements, and I believe the distraction of the Brett Favre bull crap will help. I don't know what Carolina has done to get better, but I do know that Jake Delhomme has not been the same QB as the year they went to the SuperBowl. Atlanta is in shambles (Can you say schadenfreude?).

The Saints have the inside track on the NFC South this year, and we don't have to start the season against the SuperBowl champs. Instead we get to meet our new nemesis, Tampa Bay. This game, like last year's opener, will set the tone for the season. It's home this time, and it's a must win.

I don't think Deuce will be back at 100%. I also don't think Bush can carry the load, even with his new "commitment to football." But the team will be better this year, somehow. I just know it.


Notice that I didn't even mention Shockey?

UPDATE: There is a reason I teach Latin and not math. It's 9 days, one astute and anonymous reader pointed out. Nevertheless, the DirecTV guy is here. No more Mother's Bar for me. George and I will be spending our Sundays drinking beer at home.


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Wouldn't IX be more appropriate?