Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Women Come Through (and Oprah, too)

According to CNN this afternoon, the Women of the Storm have come through. I didn't see who the people were who were talking since I was in my car, but what I heard sounded good. Some congressman was saying that it is unbelievable that the money is not making it. (I don't think it's that unbelievable. Bureaucracy is an inefficient system at best. The more stops the money makes, the less of it that gets to the problem. But, dear god, don't streamline anything in this time of need. That might make sense.) He vowed to look into the problems, but how much is he really going to do?

Right now on Oprah are several reports about trailers sitting empty on the MS Gulf Coast. Why can't the trailers just get where they need to go? I know that Tim's nameless said they have to have water and utilities, but Jesus, this is getting ridiculous.

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