Thursday, February 16, 2006

Think Louisiana or Think, Louisiana

Most people forget (unfortunately me included) that Southwest Louisiana was hit by a massive hurricane, too. I have family out there. My dad grew up in Calcasieu Parish. I know that they don't have levee problems, bu they have their own set of issues. The issues that effect New Orleans and vicinty don't have the same solutions that the problems in SW Louisiana have. And for a long time now, New Orleans has made itself the end all be all of Louisiana. It is not. But it is an important part of the state. The legislators have made it clear that they don't support New Orleans. It could be from years of feeling like second-class citizens or racism or any number of inane and ignorant reasons. Nonetheless, a lot of people need something. The government as it currently is set up does not appear to be set up to address the needs of such a diverse state. Solutions need to be good for everyone in the state. Can it be done? Is there a way to make everyone happy? Whatever those guys in Baton Rouge are doing is delaying help to some of the hardest hit communities. I wonder if they have the same problems in Mississippi or Alabama.

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