Saturday, February 11, 2006

Church gets it

While it might sound harsh, difficult, and cold, the Catholic Church in New Orleans gets it. Some parishes will close and may not come back. That's sucks, but it is the reality in the city. The archdiocese admitted to being caught without adequate insurance because those in charge believed that a few churches may experience flooding but that no one could have predicted the massive devastation caused by levee failure. So the church is shrinking for now. That makes sense. The one thing that I don't like is that the are closing St. Augustine in Treme. Maybe I am wrong, but that one church seems to be symbolic of a lot of other issues arising in New Orleans. Perhaps I don't know all the facts about its damag, but it would seem a very powerful statement to certain former and hopefully future residents to raise that particular place of worship from the ashes/mold/water.

To Maestri, Hughes, and my mom (who works for the Catholic Charities): Keep the Faith. It ain't over till YOU say it's over.

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