Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dear Elected Officials


There are so many issues and too much talk. It is time to walk the walk.

Having been born and having grown up in New Orleans, this is a hugely important issue for me. It is easy to talk about the devastation, but you must go see it for yourself. It is undescribable, overwhelming, and depressing. To think that something like this could occur in the greatest and most powerful country in the world. And yet to this day, there are trailers sinking in a field in Arkansas. How could there be no help for some people 6 MONTHS AFTER THE STORM?

The people of Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the citizens of this country should be outraged not at the storm which caused the damage, but angry at the government which forestalls their recovery with rhetoric and talk instead of action and leadership.

Create a new floodplain map so people know what to do to return. Provide flood insurance to people's whose houses were destroyed by faulty levees and who agree to your damn floodplain maps. Build levees strong enough and good enough for the most powerful nation on earth so that this catastrophic disaster won't happen again. And give them some trailers to live in while they are fixing the mess that you helped create. (Clearly there needs to be a plan about what to do, but how about some relief!?)

So now stop f-ing around with downtrodden, flooded-out, beaten down people of the metro New Orleans area and the poor, homeless, downtrodden, almost forgotten people on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Latin Teacher


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