Thursday, August 21, 2008

Someone is lying

My bet is that its Warren Riley. Again, no one in the city or responsible for the city has any idea what is going on during his or her watch. How can the police who are housing criminals not have a record of their arrest? That simply doesn't make sense. And armed forces should not be allowed to arrest citizens ever. That can only lead to revolution, dissent, and ill-will (see also South America).

Better was the young man climbing a ladder and trying to harm one of the crime cameras. Luckily, no one manning the camera was able to contact officers in the time it took the young man (or two) to walk down the street with the ladder, set it up, climb it and do whatever it is he did to the camera. That's the more worrying story. If the cameras aren't monitored, what's the point?


dillyberto said...

Jason David combibes

Wolf Blitzer said...

This just in....

New Orleans Saints CB Jason David has been bumped from the flight to Cincinnati by gubernatorial order. Due to the approach of the tropical system Fay the state needs to David, known for sucking, to drain the city of New Orleans.

dillyberto said...

Shockey plays tonight.
So does Mike McKenzie.

Coach says MORE Deuce tonight!

LatinTeacher said...


I don't think I am getting the game up here, but if I do I am totally watching the number of plays that involve 42. I am going to be like that kid called me one day at Girard "a stat happy motherf-er." (I was keeping track of completions, incompletions, touchdowns, interceptions, yards, etc - all in my head and muttered what they currently were.)

Jason David doesn't stand a chance.