Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saints Thoughts

Jason David is by far the worst defensive back I have seen play football in person. That includes flag football. Toi Cook has been redeemed. The best line I heard last night about his play was this - he's so bad that he couldn't cover a queen size bed with a king size sheet.

There is no way he should make the team in any capacity. He needs to go play in the CFL or one of the arena leagues. I don't think he's good enough for NFL Europe even.

Sometimes when coaches make a mistake, they have a hard time admitting it (Haslett and Brooks, anyone?). Yes, Jason David made one good play last year against his old team in the first game of the season. That was enough to get him a spot for the season. Last night, the Houston Texans threw the majority of their passes to the left side of the field because that was where #42 was. I would do it, too. On at least one occasion, he missed a tackle, too.

Personally, I think Jason David sucks. I hope that Coach thinks the same thing. My voice wouldn't make it through the first regular season game.

UPDATE: BayouBuzz quote I agree with:
If the Saints best cornerback, Mike McKenzie, was healthy, David wouldn't still be on the roster. Until McKenzie returns, the Saints are allowing him to play himself off the team.
Come on back, Mike!

Colston can catch anything. Reggie was pretty exciting. Deuce is the man always and forever. It's good to have him back.

I met Chef Who Dat last night, the Mayor, and Hana Morris.

So we lost a meaningless pres-season game. It was a good warm-up.

Lessons Learned:

Riding to the Superdome with the Black and Gold Patrol is awesome (they even gave me a pair of Shrimp Boots!!!). People up and down St. Charles an all around the Dome were excited. However, drinking a bottle of Old New Orleans Rum before the game makes the ride home a bit of an adventure.

Cliette can ride with the best of them.

Losing a pedal is not the end of the world. Neither is getting a flat. Brian would have had some fun with that situation.

It was sad to walk by Brian's old perch and not see him there.

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