Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brian's Writing

Brian was a great storyteller. He could spin a yarn like no one I know, carefully pulling out the details to reveal the story at a slow and intriguing pace. The punch line was always worth the wait.

Years ago, he and some of his friends had a website with some of their stories. In a bizarre metaphor, it no longer exists in its original state but it is still around if you know where to look.

Last night at dinner, Dillyberto and I were discussing the old Brian stories. He went home and used the internet archive to locate some of Brian's old stories. He used the awesome pseudonym Frank Rizzo. There are stories of life on an oil rig, imagined conversations, rants, random thoughts, etc. I remember reading these stories years ago and waiting with baited breath for the next one to come along. There are too few here, but they are worth reading from time to time.


dillyberto said...

Nice work.

I kept them all as text files on my pc so I can reflect on them from time to time.

Man, did we do some things back in the late 90's.

Neal said...

thanks for the link, just found out today about Brian, I hadn't seen/spoke to him in years, since high school when we took driver's ed together... and laugh and laughed.

I really makes me sad I didn't reconnect with him before he passed. I look forward to reading his writings.