Thursday, September 06, 2007


Robert Cesaroli has started his inspector generalship of New Orleans. Already he is being handcuffed financially. (My predictions for this gentleman and his office are here.) There is already a stir about his budget from the New Orleans City Council and the mayor. If the man needs 3.8 million to do his job properly, give him 3.8 million. I don't believe this is all that hard of a concept. What would truly be accomplished by not giving this position the financing it needs/deserves/expects? The players in all the corruption might not get caught. Interesting that these are the exact people who will be controlling the financing.

Already, I had one prediction right. I would like to amend the prediction about lasting 2 years. I want to change it to one. I am not sure if the Oliver Thomas plea was the big thing I had expected, but I will say that something big will come out of Cesaroli's short tenure.

To refresh
1) Monetarily handcuffed - check.
2) An issue arises because he is from Mass. -expected
3) Resignation within 1 year - expected
4) high profile case against corruption with no result - expected

I can't wait to watch this occur though I wish I wouldn't.

PS - They have had two months to find him some office space. I think I can attribute that to either prediction 1 or 2.

PPS - Perhaps I should apply for a job with this guy. That would satisfy my wife's requirements that I do something to help the city of New Orleans rebuild. Of course, there are all those unpaid parking tickets...

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